Party Power Time was created to simplify entertaining allowing the novice party planner to easily create a great event; giving you the power to entertain with confidence. Our goal is simple and practical; entertain with ease and confidence.

We have a variety of Tableware, Tablescapes and Philm Packages. These practical, but festive tablescape decorations are designed to take up minimal space giving you the room you need for your feast!  We admire the intricate tablescapes and settings in magazines and online. We also understand not everyone owns a banquet table for entertaining. Assembled packages make table decorating easy and saves you time. Our products have a range of pricing for any budget. We hope to provide an opportunity with our products to make life more fun for our customers. 

What makes us different?  Buy what you need!  Send us an email and we will price only the quantity of items you need.  You can add or subtract quantities. We are here to help you.

Our high standard of quality prevents us from selling products with minor imperfections or items that are left over from ensembles we have created. Some items may be one of a kind or a mismatch.These items are sold at discounted prices. Browse our Power Pricing shop for a range of values!

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We hope you enjoy browsing our store as much as we enjoyed creating it!